Sex Disorder Management

Depart from the effect of drugs, institutionalization, isolation etc. for your Affective and Anxiety Disorders.

Use the totally ACONVULSIVE Non-Side effect Brain Polarizer ,Electro Sleep and other Alternative and Complementary Therapies to manage Affective and Anxiety Disorders in a very welcoming serene/tranquil environment, with professional tact and diplomacy and devoid of any harsh treatment.

Are there episodes of:

  • Severe Anxiety disorders
  • Mania
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post partum depression
  • Depression of exogenous/iatrogenic factors

GET Professional counsel

GET Psychological reviews

GET Psychotherapies

GET Spiritual (Christian based) Counseling AND UPLIFTMENT


  • Orthodox
  • Complementary
  • Alternative therapy in an – Environment MOST Conducive for total Mental, emotional, psychological healing with warmth, total devotion, healing ambience and emotionally restoring APPROACH.

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