Beauty Therapy

Why worry about going to the salon when you can in addition to all the spa treatments, have your grooming in the spa as well. 

It’s the icing that crowns the spa-ing, so as to be wholly rejuvenated before leaving the Spa.


Facial Therapy

Nail care (spa pedicure and manicure, extensions, feet care)


Eyelash building

Hair treatments

Nail and feet care

Paraffin pedicure and manicure today it is an accepted fact that people like to have nice looking hands and nails, however, this is become the same case for the feet. More and more people are becoming aware of their feet and recognise the need to treat them. Many people experience excessive perspiration in the feet, this problem has chain reaction which translates into fungus on the feet causing that uncomfortable smell many of us know.

Tired feet: this is a common problem due to the lifestyle experienced today. Many people work standing up all day and this is a common complaint.

This treatement including feet massage does not only relieve hurting , tired feed but also enhances the appearance of the nails

The parrafin softens the cuticles and lubricate the feet thereby giving it a soft appearance.

Eyelash building

Eyelash building can be used for beautification or enhancement of the eyes, depending on the occasion. it can be used for corrective purposes as well.

Hair treatment

After spending time at the spa you can have your hair done to your specification, thus you will not be in a hurry to get to your hair stylist. We give you the perfect look before you go back home.

Facial treatment

We care about your look , you can express all your feelings with only one glance. tiredness, dark circles, bags, wrinkles and lack of comfort: fight all the enemies of your face to a healthy look.

Its one of the most rlaxing treatments in the spa:
  • relaxes the facial muscles
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • give hydration to dull tired skin
  • controls excess oil(sebum)
  • equalizing the skin tone


It is the professional of removal of hair with wax. it takes the hair from the root thus does not cause in growing hair and takes some time for it to grow back.

The eyebrow can be built or shaped to suit the facial features of the client depending on the growth pattern of the brows.
  • full body waxing
  • under arm waxing
  • bikini waxing
  • eyebrow waxing

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