People take drugs because of an emptiness in their lives. However, once they take them, wherever there used to be one problem; there are now 2, the same emptiness…………and drugs.

Who are sensitive to excellent client care and the employment of sound managerial practice.

Modern man resorts to alcohol, tobacco and a great many drugs in order to satisfy his passions and/or escape reality. From the medical, pharmaceutical or religious usage of drugs, we have moved on to recreational use, not forgetting that many hope to find in these drugs a ‘healing of the spirit’ which is how they become enslaved.  This is the so- called “CONSUMER MODEL’’

Research recently confirms that because of the toxicity and addictiveness  of drugs, their use implies a SLOW SUICIDE. The first time someone tries a drug/substance, it is usually unpleasant. However, after a few doses the pleasing psychological effect- which is based on attained satisfaction- will foster PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPENDANCE: the person feels good when consuming the drug and bad when they do not. That is how dependence begins, turning users into drug Addicts.

These drugs/substances, over time, generate PHYSICAL ADDICTION, causing the addicts body to need a dose in order to maintain its balance and biochemical function. This is known as TOLERANCE. Because of this, an increasingly larger dose of drugs is necessary to produce the same effects. If drug addicts do not have their drug of choice when they need or crave it, their body and/or mind will develop a series of specific physical and psychological symptons depending on the type of drug that causes the addiction. This profile of bodily ‘DEMAND’ is known as withdrawal syndrome.

This picture of deprivation is what leads an addict to procure the drug at any cost and by any means. Needless to say that, more often than not, addicts will not hesitate to DECEIVE, LIE, STEAL, ROB, SELL THEIR BODY, ATTACK OR EVEN KILL SOMEBODY, as long as they can get hold of it. THIS GIVES US SOME PICTURE OF THE ENORMITY  of the issue, and the need to seek prompt and Wholistic Help, Therapy with Sound, Firm and rooted psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy and BEHAVIOUR CHANGE COUNSELLING, as the BEDROCK of sustained addiction- free life.

At the HOLY TRINITY SPA AND HEALTH FARM, we provide you with a multi- disciplinary approach with multi- disciplinary team of professionals including:

  • Resident Doctors
  • Physician Specialists
  • Psychiatric Specialists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Dieticians/Nutritionists
  • Clinical Lab Technologists
  • Counselors
  • Resident Psychiatric Nurses
  • Alternate and Complementary therapists
  • Dental Surgeons
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Physiologists

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